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Positive results of the LASIK vision correction surgery

Although the results may vary, some patients notice dramatically better vision immediately after LASIK surgery. The complete recovery takes times, may be weeks or even months. You are solely responsible for your post-surgery care. It is important that you ask your surgeon for more details and follow post-operative instructions. Once your surgeon confirms that everything is in order, you can go home typically just an hour or two after arriving. It is because you will not be able to drive yourself home, so plan on arranging a ride. Bring dark sunglasses to block the glare of bright sunshine outside in case your surgeon has not already mentioned that he or she will provide a pair for you. It is advisable that you schedule a follow up appointment within one to two days post-surgery to monitor healing. Fill any prescriptions from your surgeon before returning home. During the healing process, you should use prescription eye drops to prevent infection and reduce any swelling or irritation, lubricant eye drop to keep your eyes moist and comfortable,

eye surgery
eye surgery

Wear eye shields particularly during sleep to prevent irritation or dark sunglasses if you experience sensitivity to bright lights and most importantly, avoid rubbing your eyes for a few weeks after surgery. After the first week post-operative procedure, you should be able to return to normal activities quickly depending on how you feel and on surgeon’s instructions. Most of our surgeons recommend recurring evaluations for the first six months after surgery. Please wait one to three days before participating in any non-contact sports and one to two months before engaging in strenuous contact or water sports. Gently wash around the eyes with a mild cleanser. You may experience fluctuations in vision for up to six months after surgery. Healing is relatively fast, but you want to take a complete rest from work after the surgery. Avoid sports and other impact sports or similar activities for four weeks for three days after the surgery.

The potential side effects of the various LASIK eye surgeries

Watery eyes, a burning or scratchy sensation or mild discomfort. These symptoms usually subside within the first few days following surgery.

Other risks include reduced vision in low light, overcorrection, under correction, induced astigmatism, glare or halos around lights and double vision. These risks may affect the visual acuity, particularly at night.

Some patients experience a sensation of dryness.

While many people see clearly after the first week, in some cases, vision may still seem slightly hazy or blurry. You may have trouble seeing in low light and may be sensitive to bright light or see halos. Everyone responds differently, but typically these symptoms diminish within weeks, if not                days, as the eye heals.

If you experience severe pain, or if vision worsens, contact your surgeon immediately.

Severe infection, even if treated with antibiotics, lead to permanent scarring and loss of vision.

eye surgery