Surgical photographs in the assessment of patients by the surgeons
Surgical photographs can be used in patient assessment. The surgical photographs can be taken to meet the requirements of both the insurers and surgeons. Additional photographs may include upward and downward gaze as well as oblique views.Laser surgery can enhance the appearance of the eyes in the absence of any signs or symptoms of functional abnormalities.

A complete eye test will be done before the surgery to make sure that your eyes are healthy. Some additional tests also will be done to measure the curvature of the cornea, the size of the pupils in light and dark, the eyes' refractive error, and the thickness of the cornea.

This will make sure that the corneal tissue is left after the surgery. Eyelid surgery reduces loose fittings from lower eyelids and removes excess clamber from the upper eyelids. This surgery is mostly done for cosmetic reasons. It is an effectual way to improve sight in older people

who has sagging upper eyelids.It is done along with different procedures by surfacing the laser, filler injections, or lifting foreheads and thus the surgery is carried out.The cataract Boston surgery is done to reshape the cornea of the eye in order to improve the visual capacity.

Tests carried out cataract eye specialists to make your eyes healthier

A complete eye exam will be done by our specialists before surgery to make certain your eyes are fit. Other tests will be done to extent the curvature of the cornea, the length of the pupils in bright and dark,

the eyes refractive error, and the width of the cornea. This will make definite that the corneal tissue is left later the surgery. Our specialists will prescribe mild pain medicine and a sedative.

Laser eye surgery includes surgery to repair hanging eyelids that may involve excess fat, muscle and skin. As our age increases, our eyelids stretch and the muscles which are supporting them gets weaken. Excess fat may gather around our eyelids.

eye surgery
  • It makes you look older, and it may even reduce your peripheral vision.

  • This surgery can eliminate or reduce these side vision problems and make your eye sight perfect.

  • Cataract Boston is usually done on an outpatient basis. It helps you to decide whether the eye surgery is right for you and finds out what you can explore.

eye surgery
  • It explains about the risks of the surgery too. Visualization is often uncertain or dim the day of surgery,

  • But dimness will improve by the subsequent day. At the first doctor visit after the surgery,

  • The eye shield will be removed and the specialist will examine your eye and test your

Techniques to be followed after the cataract eye treatment done by our specialists

When Lasik was first done, a special automated knife was used to change the flap. Now a more collective and nontoxic technique is to use a different
type of laser to produce the corneal flap.

The amount of tissue the laser will eliminate is intended in the future. Once the reforming is done,

the specialist replaces and safeguards the flap. No stitches are needed. The cornea will naturally hold

The flap in place. You may have scorching, irritating, or a sensation that something is in the eye.

This sensation doesn't last for more than 6 hours in maximum cases. An eye shield or patch will be placed over

The eye to protect the flap. It will also help avoid irritation or burden on the eye until it has had enough time to heal.

It is very essential not to rub the eye after LASIK, so that the flap does not